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I would like to recap on the article I did about wedding DJ Little Rock and speak about the DJ’s in Little Rock Arkansas.
I have been a DJ for over 20 years and have been the DJ at many events all over the state of Arkansas. But it seems the best times I’ve ever had at any events was at wedding reception, I would actually have to say I really enjoy wedding receptions. Because the people at wedding receptions are usually a majority of folks. Ranging from ages from 4 years old to 80 years old. Let me say you really better know your music if you’re going to be a successful DJ with a diverse crowd like that. Apparently, I must be pretty good because I get hired all the time.

But, when I have clients contact me about doing their events, I sometimes get to hear stories about DJ’s they worked with in the past that have pretty much destroyed their events. It actually gets to me sometimes because, I know a lot of DJ’s can do better than they do at events. Like not sitting there like a bump on a log playing lame music. Oh yeah, that is a pet peeve of mine.
When I go see a DJ at a club or wherever I want to see that DJ really working the crowd getting the people up and dancing.

I know my job as a professional DJ and I love to get people up in dancing and having a wonderful time. Nothing makes me feel more excited than seeing people having a great time at an event. I always say it makes the event go by fast. But if the people are not having a good time, it makes for a long drawn out boring event.

Oh, yes and I have attended events like that with DJ’s as the entertainers and bands too. So I know exactly how not to be. They just look like they are there to get paid and that is all. What a total letdown, I’m never going to be like that no way Jose. Yes I know I rattle on a bit. But I’m very passionate about what I do and being a DJ is a very fun job and very rewarding if you’re very good at it.

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I hope you have found my article helpful..


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