Frank Gilbert for Governor of Arkansas Is The Right Choice

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Libertarian Frank Gilbert running for Arkansas governor is from Tull, Arkansas. Frank has already held three offices in Arkansas, elected offices that is. Coroner, constable, and mayor. Three trusted positions and he did a great job and earned the respect of the people in his community.

Frank Gilbert would make a great governor for Arkansas because he actually understands how the people feel about government and the way government has taken from the people and ignored the people. I have noticed it is not about policy with Frank Gilbert, it’s about doing the right thing and the people of Arkansas seem to come first when Frank Gilbert is speaking.

FRANK wants to get rid of the income tax, he believes if you want to raise minimum wage that’s a bad idea so ending the income tax would actually give everyone a raise and not just a choice few. Which raising the minimum wage is a really bad idea if you think about it, because government for one has no business whatsoever telling a business what they should do. I guess the 17 trillion dollars in debt will clarify why government has no business telling anyone what to do at all.

Mr Gilbert also wholeheartedly supports the 2nd amendment and believes the buck stops there in gun debate. The other three candidates running for governor of Arkansas are kind of vague about how they really stand with the 2nd amendment, especially about the Constitutional Carry law that was passed a few years ago.

Frank Gilbert also believes government should stay out of marriage, he feels that government should not have a say in who marries who. That is between two consenting adults and their Creator.

Another issue that Frank speaks about is getting rid of common core in the state of Arkansas. He would like to see a voucher system put in place for schools, so students can attend wherever they wish and the ultimate power should be left up to the parents discretion.

I have also heard Frank Gilbert opposed Obamacare and the private option in Arkansas, have to say I agree with him both should be ended in our state. Because, both are just big government programs that we as are Arkansans can not afford.

Frank Gilbert has many other issues that he would like to work on but I just thought I would share a few of these points about his campaign he is running. I feel Arkansas is ready to have a real governor for the first time in the History of our state.

Learn more about Libertarian candidate Frank Gilbert for governor of Arkansas

by Wayne Willems


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