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Looks like the wedding season is upon us again once again this 2015. I know in the past I’ve spoke about other DJs and entertainers. But this time, I want to talk about a brand new website from a group of people that are really experienced DJs. The website is called Arkansas Wedding DJ and you can find it at
It’s a really nice web design and the folks that operate the website really know what they’re doing. You should totally check them out if you are planning a wedding in Arkansas. Just get a quote and I think you’ll be happy with it because they offer some really good DJ packages and other benefits as well.
I know a lot of brides are always in the market for a really good DJ for their wedding and it can be pretty trying finding a good DJ at an affordable price. Because there are lots of DJs in Arkansas but only a handful of DJs are really good that you should even consider hiring for your wedding reception. But that’s another story in itself and we could go on and on about that, but we won’t today!
I really like Arkansas Wedding DJs website, I have seen their set up when their at an event and it is really impressive and the DJs are very professional and very courteous with your guests.
OK, enough bragging about this awesome DJ service located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their website again is www.

by Wayne Willems


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