About Wayne Willems

Wayne Willems http://www.waynewillems.comLocal blogger that enjoys different subjects about Politics, Faith, Common Law, Science, Arts & Entertainment. Life is so completely short it is unreal, we should always talk about things with an open mind no matter what subject it is.. I believe it’s called FREE SPEECH and many have died for this!

You are welcome to join me in subjects and discussions anytime. I always enjoy a good debate too!

Just so you know now..I do not believe in particular religions. They are artificial to control the mass of humanity and I will be no part of this epic lie ever. I believe in GOD, JESUS, The Holy Spirit and myself!

I am also and entertainer and work in the entertainment industry in Arkansas. Weddings are my specialty, as you may see by my blog posts. I’ve been a DJ at hundreds of weddings and have learned a lot and have helped many brides over the years. I do hope the information in my blog is helpful.


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