Libertarian Candidate Wayne Willems for Arkansas House District 15 Replaces Stolen Campaign Signs

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District 15 Candidate Replaces Stolen Campaign Signs

That’s right, over the last month or so I have been constantly replacing my campaign signs that have been stolen from different locations. From Glen Rose, Sheridan and outside of Malvern Arkansas. They are only stealing them on the main hi-ways, I would assume it’s easier to pull over and steal it that way.

As I stepped out this afternoon to go to the store, I noticed some of my campaign signs missing at their locations. Well, when I got back to the house I made a post on Facebook about “Somebody keeps stealing my campaign signs on Hwy 67 around Glen Rose and Malvern, Arkansas”. and then I told one of my daughters to get ready we are going to replace some signs again that have been stolen. Right after that my phone started ringing and it was KARK Channel 4 news – Arkansas Matters.

The news journalist Leah Uko told me they saw my tweet on twitter and wanted to come do a story about what had happen to me. (Note: My Facebook page is linked to my Twitter account, so when I post on FB, it posts on Twitter). Wow, I was shocked and then told her sure why not. We met about 40 minutes later at a local gas station and her and a videographer filmed the story.

View the news footage here:

District 15 Candidate Replaces Stolen Campaign Signs – Arkansas Matters.

Learn more about my Campaign here:

Wayne Willems for Arkansas House of Representatives


I’m running for the Arkansas House of Representatives

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Currently, I am running for the Arkansas House of Representatives from District 15, it is portions of Hot Spring, Jefferson and Grant County. Yes, I am a Libertarian party candidate if you must know and proud of it. My incumbent is a Republican that basically votes like a Democrat if you ask me, since he caved in and voted in favor of the private option which expanded Arkansans in to a huge Federal program. That our state can not afford and should have never even been given a thought of joining. The program has already exceeded the expected cost and the worst part there is no spending cap. Typical Big Gov.

I haven’t collected any donations for my campaign, for one I just don’t believe in taking money from people unless I’ve done some actual work. But, there is a donate page on my website if people believe in me enough to contribute. Seriously, money is not my focus at this point or will it ever be. The message of Freedom and Liberty surely is, because our State and country are in one big mess. The Democrats and Republicans have really done a fine job of creating a big bureaucratic mess of economy, currency, free market place, schools and just about anything government has created legislation to control or tax in one fashion or other.

My promise to the voters from District 15, I will vote against any legislation that raises tax or infringes upon any of our Freedom and Liberties. Learn more about my campaign here:

Wayne Willems for Arkansas House