The Rythmn Shakers Arkansas Wedding Band

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The Rythmn ShakersIf there ever was a band in Arkansas that could please just about any crowd. The Rythmn Shakers are that band, they can play just about anything. Perfect band for your wedding reception, reunion or company function.

“The Rythmn Shakers” are a very rootsy’ versatile, high-energy sounding four – member variety dance band from Little Rock, Arkansas with unique talent and stage presence. Best described as a true variety band, with a mixture of percussion’s accompanied by guitar, bass, and keyboards. Also, including a specialized sound and lighting production, a driving rhythm section, precision backups, and exceptional singer-entertainers complement an accredited presentation. This Little Rock, Arkansas based bands enthusiasm generates unmatched enjoyment for those on your party’s dance floor and top notch excitement to those on the edge of their seats. The band’s experience, professionalism, and management complete the package guaranteeing the best in local, live entertainment .

“The Rythmn Shakers” are located in Little Rock Arkansas and are a variety dance band performing at Company functions, Wedding receptions, Reunions, Benefits, Event socials, Festivals, fundraisers and more. Classic Rock, R&B, Motown, 70s, 80s and beyond.

Regularly performing at local Arkansas venues, receptions, company functions, reunions and benefits.”TRS” have achieved a well-deserved reputation for being the absolute life of every party!

“TRS” is very honored to make your event a complete success. By casual to formal attire to suit any occasion is customary.

Arkansas Weddings

Are you starting to make plans for a wedding this year? “The Rythmn Shakers” are available for your Wedding Reception, Contact us today for an unforgettable reception.

Arkansas Events:

It is never too early to start planning for your special occasion or event. “The Rythmn Shakers” are currently accepting requests for events all year long. Use our “Event Booking Form,” or call (501) 396-9435 or 501-350-5470.

“The Rythmn Shakers” can provide DJ / MP3 music before and after band plays and during breaks if you require this service from the band it can be included in your price quote . . .

View the bands website here: http://www.rythmnshakers.com


Why To Hire A DJ or Live Band Early In Arkansas For An Event

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Little Rock Entertainment Agency

Why it’s a good reason to book a DJ or a live band way in advance before your event. Over the many years I have booked events throughout Arkansas such as weddings, parties, birthdays, festivals, and nightclubs. One thing I’ve found to be true, is that folks usually wait till the last minute to book the entertainment when it is the most important thing that makes or breaks your event. Now, I’m sure some other wedding vendors or other promoters or whatever may say different, but I’ve been doing this for over 28 years so I pretty much know.. LOL!

I don’t mean to sound harsh but let me tell you, if you want a great entertainer you have to start looking early. Reason, really good entertainers usually booked up way in advance. Some entertainers as are booked all the way into the next year, this is very common in booking entertainment. For the most part, I do understand budget is a factor with a lot of folks, they may be waiting on funds from their sources mother, father, brother, aunt or friend whatever it takes to get the party going. Saying this, some entertainment agencies in Arkansas do offer payment plans for folks that are a little under funded at the time they are planning their event. So, don’t let this stop you from booking an entertainer DJ, Live Band. Entertainment agencies are willing to work with you, so I would suggest giving them an opportunity to do so.

Like for instance, Little Rock Entertainment Agency works with all types of entertainment budgets and offers a payment gateway via payment plan for you to book your event. Their process is simple, basically go to their website and check the availability checker on their site, then fill out the information and once you have a representative will contact you via email or phone call. An event agreement will be emailed to you and some online tools to plan your event and to select your music if you hired a DJ.

Brides♥ this website because it makes it so easy for them to book their wedding ceremony, reception or both and plan their event online in the comfort of your own home, now isn’t that pretty cool? Yes! It’s excellent.. What’s really great about Little Rock Entertainment Agency, they have pre screened all of their entertainers so you get a professional band, DJ, karaoke Disc Jockey or String Quartet at your event. That’s why this entertainment agency is the leading company in Arkansas for entertainment, they are your One source stop for Entertainment in Arkansas. That also means they travel statewide and have entertainers all over the state.

So in closing, I do hope this helps you see that it is a good idea to always look for an entertainer way before your event. Really, it takes a lot of stress off of you when you already booked your entertainer far in advance and don’t let your budget stop you, because they will work with you because they have entertainers that need to be hired.

So here’s the website again, Little Rock Entertainment Agency www.LittleRockEntertainment.com

Wedding DJ Little Rock

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I would like to recap on the article I did about wedding DJ Little Rock and speak about the DJ’s in Little Rock Arkansas.
I have been a DJ for over 20 years and have been the DJ at many events all over the state of Arkansas. But it seems the best times I’ve ever had at any events was at wedding reception, I would actually have to say I really enjoy wedding receptions. Because the people at wedding receptions are usually a majority of folks. Ranging from ages from 4 years old to 80 years old. Let me say you really better know your music if you’re going to be a successful DJ with a diverse crowd like that. Apparently, I must be pretty good because I get hired all the time.

But, when I have clients contact me about doing their events, I sometimes get to hear stories about DJ’s they worked with in the past that have pretty much destroyed their events. It actually gets to me sometimes because, I know a lot of DJ’s can do better than they do at events. Like not sitting there like a bump on a log playing lame music. Oh yeah, that is a pet peeve of mine.
When I go see a DJ at a club or wherever I want to see that DJ really working the crowd getting the people up and dancing.

I know my job as a professional DJ and I love to get people up in dancing and having a wonderful time. Nothing makes me feel more excited than seeing people having a great time at an event. I always say it makes the event go by fast. But if the people are not having a good time, it makes for a long drawn out boring event.

Oh, yes and I have attended events like that with DJ’s as the entertainers and bands too. So I know exactly how not to be. They just look like they are there to get paid and that is all. What a total letdown, I’m never going to be like that no way Jose. Yes I know I rattle on a bit. But I’m very passionate about what I do and being a DJ is a very fun job and very rewarding if you’re very good at it.

I would like to invite you to visit Little Rock Entertainment Agency and receive an instant free quote for your event. There is absolutely no obligation when you get a free quote, we would also like to send you our Event Agreement and online tools so you can see all that we offer.
I hope you have found my article helpful..


Little Rock Entertainment Agency
PH. 501-396-9435

Sherwood Arkansas DJ Services

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Hello Sherwood Arkansas if you’re in need of a DJ for your event, you should contact Little Rock Entertainment Agency.
Little Rock Entertainment Agency has provided DJ’s for places like Woody’s Sherwood Forest, Sylvan Hills High School, many corporations and weddings in Sherwood Arkansas.
Little Rock Entertainment Agency never charges for setup or tear down of their equipment at your event. Also the DJ’s from Little Rock Entertainment Agency are very professional and courteous to every client they serve.
So if you’re planning a wedding, company function or party in Sherwood, Arkansas please consider hiring Little Rock Entertainment Agency for your next event. Here’s the link again to Little Rock Entertainment Agency http://www.littlerockentertainment.com give them a call it 501-396-9435

Little Rock Sound Rental – Little Rock AR

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I would like to introduce a new business here in Little Rock Arkansas. Called Little Rock Sound Rental.

Little Rock Sound Rental is really just a landing website for Little Rock Entertainment Agency. This is one of the great affordable services the company provides to the public.

Little Rock Sound Rental provides sound systems for small, medium and large groups up to 500. Meaning, if you have a group of 500 people they have sound systems to accommodate you.

Little Rock Sound Rental provides this service throughout Central Arkansas. Delivery, setup and pick up at no extra charge in Central Arkansas.

Little Rock Sound Rental leases professional sound systems and components from trusted sound manufacturers such as Peavey, Carvin, Yamaha, BBE, JBL and many more.

Visit the website:
Little Rock Sound Rental – Little Rock, Ar