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The battle for who’s the best Wedding DJ in Arkansas

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As a DJ for many years, of course I’m biased about who is the best wedding DJ in Arkansas. I believe, I should win the best wedding DJ in Arkansas. But, unfortunately it is not up to me, but up to the Seoul grantor of this deemed best of the best. Which is the brides or better known as past clients who have hired a DJ service for a wedding ceremony or reception.

Apparently, there is a competition going on with the A list that has several Arkansas DJs battling for the first position to be the best Arkansas wedding DJ. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little simple competition if that’s what it truly is, but from my insight I see there is some animosity being generated between DJs in the DJ community.

Personally, I am in competition with no one, I am a DJ because I love music and entertaining people and that pretty much sums it up. I don’t mind helping other DJs work in the wedding industry. But, I can not be a part of badgering and unethical practices that are taking place at this very moment to discredit others.

I have mentioned many times in the past to DJ’s in Arkansas, there is plenty of business to go around for everyone, not one DJ or DJ service can take care of every bride planning a wedding in our state. I hope anyone becoming a DJ or a long standing DJ understands this is the case, there is no reason to feel threatened by another DJ working in the state of Arkansas. There is absolutely no way you could take care of every single bride planning a wedding in our state, for the simple fact there are tons of brides planning weddings every single year. There are like 50 counties in Arkansas and 25 actual DJ providers, that’s a lot of territory to cover in one swoop.

I just don’t see why there should be a problem and I thought I would clear the air and let all DJs understand there is actually plenty of work for everyone of us, so stop bickering amongst one another and work together.

Yes, I am personally aware there are some stirring the old drama pot, but hey I’ve seen them come and go. Because, anyone creating a bunch of animosity and untruths definitely has some
agendas and I want no part of it and you shouldn’t either.

I would like to see all DJ’s in Arkansas work together to give the brides the best DJ entertainment there is to offer. If we all work on this goal together we will all work all of the time. So, let’s be the professionals we truly are and work with one another and ignore the ones creating the drama, because unfortunately they must be having a hard time, because they’re focusing on the wrong aspect of the business.

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